We cordially invite you to participate in the
International Conference - Water and Sewage in the Circular Economy Model (CEwater) 
which is a summary of the project entitled "Developing comprehensive water recovery solutions and raising awareness
of the key role of water in the transformation process towards a Circular Economy (CE)"
(acronym: waterCEmanagement in practice), which uses funding from the European Economic Area (EEA) Funds.
The aim of the project is to strengthen the transformation towards circular economy in the field of circular water resources management.
Project website: www.wodogozowanie.com.

The aim of the CEwater International Conference 2024 is to summarise the project waterCEmanagement in practice, the issues and methods of water and wastewater management, presenting the best practices for implementing Circular Economy in the water and wastewater management sector as part of organisational solutions, technological and educational and informational.