Kraków Water

The water distribution system in the City of Kraków is almost as old as the city itself: the privileges for building first aqueducts were issued as early as the 13th century. Numerous invasions, wars and administrative changes prevented the construction of water supply and sewage systems. As Kraków grew, its sanitary situation became catastrophic and it only changed when the Bielany Water Treatment Plant was opened in 1901.

Over the years, the organisational structure of our Company has changed while the area and scope of its operations grew. Today, 120 years later, we make every effort to provide the residents of Kraków with continuous supply of clean water meeting strict standards, as well as reliable collection and treatment of sewage.

Innovations in generating energy from natural sources have become our response to the challenges of the sustainable development strategy. Two central wastewater treatment plants co-generate electricity and heat while a turbine installed on the pipeline transporting water from Dobczyce to Kraków produces electricity.

Kraków Water is actively involved in the life of the city and the region, identifying with the local community through strict cooperation, assistance, education and promotion of environmentally-friendly attitudes. These purposes are served by the immensely popular environmental education programmes for children as well as a system of internships run by our Company and the Małopolska Water Cluster - an initiative which constitutes a platform for cooperation between the industrial and academic communities of Kraków.