Dariusz Włóka
GreenBack Ltd., Poland

Dr. Dariusz Włóka is a biotechnologist with a PhD in environmental engineering. He’s specialization is associated with the bio and phytoremediation of the soil and water environments. Currently, Dariusz Włóka co-runs the company GreenBack Ltd., that deals with research and development, service and commercial activities. The unit's activities include commercialization works on innovative products and technologies, that are applicable in organic farming, purification of soil and water reservoirs, and environmental management. In the scientific context, Dr Dariusz Włóka is the author of 7 patents and over 50 publications in domestic and foreign scientific journals. Recent focus, of the doctor's development, include the studies on the advanced water filtration and bio-remediation techniques as well as the search for new directions in the use of natural, secondary-resources for the production of innovative preparations for agricultural use, or for green industry application. Dariusz's most significant achievements include introducing products to the market such as the soil quality improvement agent "OrbiHum", which was awarded a gold medal at the international Eco-Tech fair, and co-conducting work on the development of effective water purification techniques in Rem-Filters systems.